Life and Education

Hailing from a wazirstan’s rural but most promising cultural and political background (Ahmedzai Tribe ruling South and North Wazirstan’s Tribes and Mainstream politics), Khan’s raised in the shades of weapons. In early 90s, his father, a Police Officer in Islamabad Capital Territory moved to Islamabad where Khan’s completed his matriculation and college education specializing in Science and technology.  In 2006, he left to Agriculture University and finished his graduation in Agriculture and Genetic Engineering. His father despite in Police services was famous poet in Bannu and adjoining tribes and therefore, he has strong affinity towards art  and literature since his childhood. He won 2007 National Story Writing Competition held by Ministry of Health for his short story “Damman” depicting the cruel nature of society towards AIDs victims and develop a model to bring religion into development.  His curiosity to listen and engage religious clergy into development led a unique model where many of NGOs employed this model to counter extremism, prevention of hate speech and tackle contemporary challenges. He is presently working on his book “Andha Aina-Blind Mirror” depicting society and human values towards various issues. He remained active in research, social and development work and founded first youth based think tank Research for Sustainable Development  empowering youth for change and sustainable development in 2008. Later, in 2009, he Co-founded Youth Advocacy Council with oversease office in Europe, Africa and Central Asia, Research for Sustainable Development   was transformed into an International program employing various research in S&T, Health, Agriculture, Energy, Education and Leadership with support of national and international mentors and organization. He served with UN, READ Foundation, DFID and presently serving as Development aid and policy specialist with Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Pakistan.  He is appointed as Associate Fellow of Royal Commonwealth Society for his excellent work in community emancipation and empowerment and won International Prize on Public Diplomacy from Foreign Affairs and Ewha Women University of Korea (2014), Global Youth Ambassador-A World At School USA (2013-2016), Advisory Member Youth Action and Korean Government for Water, Youth Leadership, Advisory Member of Rural Development Country Group (2013 to present), Fellow United Nation Institute of Training and Research (2013), Advisory Mentor Queens Young Leaders University of Cambridge, Blogger at Peace Child International and have represented Pakistan at various events and trainings globally.